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Selfie Day  2018 -

Event information is located in the middle of the page. Enjoy !



Your donations will go toward feeding and helping people in need. Every week, DJ Rick and crew hit the streets of Ft Worth TX , and we hand out food, water, and donations , including  clothes and canned food.

On location in Ft Worth TX 07-06-17

UPDATE --05-26-2018

We are making progress for the 2018 Selfie Day Event. We have events pending , as we've grown in membership on our Facebook page .  Our public venue will be announced around June 5,2018.

Wednesday, June 20 is our Selfie Day  radio broadcast at Fishbowl Radio Network in Arlington TX @ 1 pm-3pm. (cst)  

Link to the radio station: 

We are excited that more people are taking selfies, and creating new ways to express them. Please continue the tradition of taking selfies ! We thank you for your support  !!!!

From the Founder of National Selfie Day

              DJ Rick

National Selfie Day  Event 2018


Daytime event-

WHAT- Selfie Day 2018

Location- JOULE Hotel 1530 Main St, Dallas TX

Time-        12 noon- 6 pm

The Joule hotel is having a selfie Day contest and prize giveaway event . Please stop by and participate in the annual event.

Joule Hotel, Dallas TX

   Evening event



We will celebrate  Selfie Day 2018 in Ft Worth TX.  Here is the information:

WHERE : Whiskey Gardens 7th St.

WHEN   : June 21 2018

TIME     : 9:00 pm -12:00am


We will see you at the event !!!!

Whiskey Garden, Ft Worth TX

Hell's Half Acre Vodka is our primary Sponsor for National Selfie Day 2018. Visit the website for purchase and distribution.

A special thanks to Trending in Napa Valley Ca for their #SELFIE wine !!

Web address  is  

The Official Selfie Picture for 2018

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year's event!

The Joule Hotel  was the perfect backdrop as we encountered people enjoying the afternoon with the founder, DJ Rick .

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