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Selfie Day


We are working on a really BIG 2017 Selfie Day.


We will be giving you monthly updates. IT"S GOING TO BE BIG !!!


UPDATE 04-25-2017-


We will be doing a radio broadcast from the Fishbowl Radio Network on Selfie day.  The broadcast will be from 1pm-3pm Wednesday June 21(duh lol). 


*** Events are subject to change without notice ***










Special guest and events will be announced  later this year.

Here is the radio link for the show


Click below

We are going to have a party at the Whiskey Rose Saloon in Ft Worth, TX starting around 8 pm cst. The address is:


Whiskey Rose Saloon

2858 W Berry

Ft Worth TX 76109



The Arlington Derby Avenvers roller derby team will be the official promo team this evening. They are wonderful ladies ! Come by and have a drink with us !




Feature event of the evening.......One  Leg Wrestling !!!


Our derby girls will have a bout that will be cool to watch.



*** We will also have a collection for our listed charities at the venue. Please support our community and derby***


We are also collecting donations for next year. Our mission and goal is very simple:

If we can get participation for NSD, then we can draw attention to a charity. I would like to have the biggest car/cycle show in 2018 to benefit people in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. 

FW Burrito- They make burritos and provide clothing, bottled water,and other food items for homeless citizens every Sunday in Ft Worth TX. For nine years, at 3 PM by the shelters, we take care of our people. Help is always needed.

Battered Women's Shelter- Women and children need food, shelter, medical and legal needs for a better life situation. Domestic violence needs to be stopped. We are more than ready to help your cause

We have a GO Fund Me for  donations at this time. 2018 will be a great year to launch the annual Car/Cycle show on NSD. 

Please make a donation !  =)

If you are a company that would like to sponsor the event, we welcome you. Corporate sponsorship will be a key element. Please send us a email for rates.

The "OFFICIAL" Selfie of 2017 ! 
DJ Rick at Fishbowl Radio Network
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