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Selfie Day 2021

We are going to have the BIGGEST  selfie day celebration to date  !

TEXAS LIVE in Arlington will be out spot this year !  Along with Tequila Sheela as head sponsor, we are going for a Guinness World RECORD !!! The most selfies taken in one hour !!!  YES !!!!!!!!!


Event : 

What: National Selfie Day

Where : Texas Live , Arlington TX

When:  June 21 Monday

Time  :  3:00 PM registration 


The previous  record was broken in 2015 by Arizona Cardinal Patrick Peterson.  They had  1,449 people that set the bar on the record. it's OUR TURN to break the record and this's with the National Selfie Day founder in the state where it all started.

Let's do this !!!


Every year we raise money for the homeless community of the DFW area. Seven years ago, I was asked to do a story on the situation. Since then, I volunteer my time every Sunday afternoon ( except last year- covid 16) to feed and give clothes to our friends in need. I would like for you to do the same. 

Please donate what you can so we can help those who need a helping hand. We need the support of the DFW community. Please click the link below 

Selfie Day 2021 sponsors

Whiskey Owl Web Design


Texas Best Properties

Wendy Maier, realtor

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